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Mission Statement


The Maryland School Bus Contractors Association (MSBCA) is made up of members from around the State. Many are full time bus owner/operator contractors, while others partner school busing with other professions. Regardless of our structural differences, one thing is certain of each and every MSBCA member: We believe strongly in safe and efficient pupil transportation. We strive daily to improve the quality of pupil transportation and, in so doing, have established a collective voice in front of the Maryland Legislature as well as on the national level on Capitol Hill.

As members of the industry, we see the business of pupil transportation changing daily. We want to make a difference now and in the future. We stand united in this effort and will continue to do so moving forward.

Our objectives as an Association are as follows:

  1. To assist members in dealing with mutual business problems and concerns in the areas of public school bus transportation.
  2. To serve as the official body for the collection and distribution of information by providing services such as newsletter publication and legislative research.
  3. To improve the programs and quality of pupil transportation in the State.
  4. To promote efficient and safe pupil transportation in an economic manner.
  5. To foster and provide appropriate leadership for the improvement and advancement of pupil transportation.
  6. To promote 100% membership in the organization.



The New Year has arrived; on behalf of the Executive Board we wish you a safe, joyous and prosperous 2015. This year the Executive Board is working to increase membership and member 's participation in MSBCA functions. With this being said I encourage you to join the weekly Legislative call. The call is 30 minutes once a week during the Legislative Session. It is open for every member to listen, voice opinions and concerns