On January 12, 2018, the Maryland General Assembly overrode Governor Hogan's veto of 2017's mandatory paid leave law, House Bill 1.  Therefore, Maryland employers are now required to provide paid leave to employees. As of now, per state legislative quidelines, this law will take effect on February 11, 2018, though the Maryland Chamber plans to request an extension. 

Please find attached below information regarding the newly-created Office of Small Business Regulatory Assistance, which the Governor just created to provide assistance to small businesses in complying with Maryland's Sick Leave Law.  As you may know, the General Assembly voted late last week to overturn the Governor's veto of that legislation, as expected. There is also a great synopsis of the law and how it will impact employers in Maryland.

Following the Maryland General Assembly’s recent overturning of Governor Hogan’s veto of HB1: Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, the Governor’s Office has created (by Executive Order) the Office of Small Business Regulatory Assistance.  Under the directorship of Randall Nixon, the office will provide assistance to small businesses in complying with the new law (when it takes affect within the next 30 days). Maryland small business operators and workers can contact the Office of Small Business Regulatory Assistance at

Finally, we've included below a link by Shawe Rosenthal, LLC on HB 1.  This is a fantastic synopsis of the new law and provides a clear understanding on how this new law will impact Maryland employers- we strongly recommentd that you review this document.  Https://