Zero-Emission Electric School Vehicles - Inspections

Altering the length of time a zero-emission electric school vehicle may be operated from 12 years to 15 years, unless it fails to meet the applicable school bus and motor vehicle safety standards.

School Bus Purchasing – Zero–Emission Vehicle – Requirement

Requiring, beginning on October 1, 2023, that each school bus purchased by a county board of education be a zero-emission vehicle; requiring, beginning on October 1, 2026, that each school bus purchased by a certain person for use under a certain contract with a county board be a zero-emission vehicle; etc.

Education - Length of the School Year - Declared State of Emergency (Kathryn Marie Carmello’s Law)

Authorizing a county board of education to decrease the length of the school year for each school day affected by a declared state of emergency for certain public schools without approval of the State Board of Education; and repealing a provision of law authorizing the State Board to open schools on holidays in the case of emergency.

County Boards of Education - Student Transportation - Vehicles

Authorizing a county board of education to provide transportation to and from school for certain students using a vehicle other than a Type I or Type II school vehicle when a school vehicle cannot reasonably be provided.

Vehicle Laws - School Bus Safety - Occupant Capacity

Prohibiting the number of pupils on a school bus from exceeding the seating capacity of the school bus.

Maryland Wage and Hour Law and Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law – Revisions (Maryland Wage Protection Act)

Requiring that a certain summary that certain employers are required to keep conspicuously posted in certain places of employment include certain antiretaliation provisions; prohibiting certain employers from taking certain actions under the Maryland Wage and Hour Law and the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law; prohibiting certain employers from discriminating against certain employees; requiring, to the extent practicable, the

County Boards of Education - Payment Data - Disclosures

Requiring the county boards of education of Montgomery County, Howard County, Baltimore County, Prince George's County, and Anne Arundel County to develop and operate searchable websites containing information on the identities of individuals who receive aggregate payments from the boards of at least $25,000; and specifying how the websites present information.

Labor and Employment - Maryland Healthy Working Families Act - Seasonal Temporary Workers

Increasing, from 106 to 120 days, the period during which an employer is not required to allow an employee to use earned sick and safe leave; altering the circumstances under which an employer is required to reinstate certain unused sick and safe leave; and altering the circumstances under which an employer is authorized to require an employee who uses earned sick and safe leave to provide certain verification.

Public Schools - Reporting of Assaults, Crimes of Violence, and Felonies (Report Act of 2020)

Requiring a certain school administration to file a police report and an administrative incident report if an assault, a crime of violence, or a felony occurs at a public school and is reported to the school administration; requiring a school administration to provide certain information to a victim or parent of a victim; requiring each county board of education to adopt regulations specifying the requirements of administrative incide