To: Local School Systems and School Bus Contractors 

Subject: Type A Email Notifications and Submission Process with Due Date 

The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) has been sending Email notifications for the annual Type A inspection. These emails are generated for owners as a reminder to have their buses inspected to meet the requirements in COMAR A. we have communicated this to the school bus community at multiple conferences and meeting throughout the past school year since implementation in the fall of 2018.  
Our interpretation of this requirement is and has been you have the whole month to complete the Type A inspection. For example, the Type A inspection was completed on May 05, 2018 you have until May 31, 2019 to complete the next inspection and then ten (10) days to submit the certification after the end of the month. Our expectation is to keep track of these inspections within that time frame, as required, and that no owner or representative is to hold them for several months before certifying them to the MVA.  
The requirements have not changed the only changes were the notification email (reminder emails) and the process to submit completed Type A Inspections as we now have an electronic system to track inspections in real time.  Owners and school systems can now submit their inspections into the Electronic School Bus Inspection Site and the results will be sent directly to the MVA. Owners are still required to keep records on file with the school system if you are under contract to them. School systems can still submit inspections on the contractor’s behalf as they did in the past as it is not mandatory for contractors to have an account online. 
We are not automatically suspending the registration on buses that are out of compliance at this time. However, if you are knowingly operating a bus missing an inspection which has exceeded the required inspection deadline of the end of the month plus ten days to file the inspection you are in violation of COMAR. The bus shall not be placed back in operation until the required inspection is completed. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office for further assistance.  

Michael Groff

Manager School Vehicle Safety Section MDOT MVA (410-768-7401) 
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