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The Maryland School Bus Contractors Association (MSBCA) was formed in 1949. Today, MSBCA comprises 456 School Bus Contractor Members, representing 3000 school buses in 19 of Maryland 's 24 jurisdictions. We are assisted by our 34 Industry Members from across the State and country. As an organization, we promote the efficient and safe transportation of school students. Our foremost objective is to provide the safest transportation possible to the students of Maryland and we strive to improve the quality of student transportation every day.

Lawmakers Discuss Challenges Causing Bus Driver Shortage Across Maryland

Published Nov 12, 2021



Article courtesy of Maryland Matters


Faced with a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers, some Maryland county executives and school district leaders are pumping more money to increase drivers’ wages, whose average starting salary is $19.45 an hour, according to the Maryland State Department of Education. 

That average starting salary is considerably less than any other commercial driver license holder — including those who operate dump trucks or deliver for Amazon or DoorDash — said Erin Appel, who represents Maryland School Bus Contractor Association. She testified about the shortage of school bus drivers before state lawmakers in a virtual briefing on Wednesday.


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